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Panchgani Paragliding

Panchgani is considered as the paradise for the flyers. Clear sky, favourable wind, amazing views of the hills, mountains and the scenic valleys, makes this hill station a must visit place for paragliding. Bhilar, Khinger and Tapola are some of the most popular destinations for paragliding in Panchgani.

On a usual flight, the flyers can make it to a maximum height of around 4,000 to 5,000ft above the ground and enjoy the bird's eye view of Panchgani. While the scenic beauty of the hill station promises you wonderful views, the incorporation of all the required safety equipment and an expert pilot assures maximum safety and unlimited fun to the flyers.

Types of Paragliding in Panchgani: 

While paragliding near Panchgani, you can indulge in two types of dives:

1. Tandem Jump: 

This type is good for the beginners, these type of jumps are always accompanied by a trained or well-skilled pilot. The participants are usually harnessed with the pilot through a tandem that holds both of them firm while in the air.

While within the air, the participant only need to enjoy the flight as the pilot controls the entire flight; from the dive to the landing. Though no prior experience is required for a tandem jump, it is always advisable to come prepared along with a fitness certificate from the physician.

2. Solo Jump: 

Within these flights, the participant goes solo and has to control the glider throughout the process. Prior experience along with the certificate to fly is mandatory for solo flights.

Some of the paragliding camps in Panchgani also offer various courses related to the activity.